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Who are we?

The Goal and the purpose of the Urbane Kunst association is the promotion of the art forms Graffiti and Street art. It is also a request of us to provide local Artists a platform and create a creative Network.
Our association organises Events, supplies Workshops and take care of mural designs and commissioned works.

What are we doing?

We represent a selective of local and international Artists and we are counterpart for commissions and art interventions. Our motivated Artists lead workshops which are organised by us, no matter if it’s with a school class or as an team building event, some exciting hours are guaranteed. In Paris, Berlin or New York , a mural of an Artist is common courtesy. We are anxious to make this happen also in Switzerland. To customize our so loved urban art to a broad public, we organise beside our murals also exhibitions. On such events everyone has the opportunity to have a look on the work of the artists. The artists and their multifaceted art , who are represented by us, will be presented on social medias. Over these internet presence, you as our visitor stay at the last over projects and events, and of course the newest and most beautiful pictures from the streets won’t be missing.


The artists who are represented by us are all working on the streets of the world. We don’t represent art students or graphic designers, who are doing street art just for financial causes in their studios. For our artists, street art is the great passion they are dedicated to.

We represent artists of all sections of this young art form. Our artists are dealing with Typography, Photorealism, Stencil works, Installations, Comic characters and ,many more.

To the artists we are having a personal relationship, every single one is expert.

We work on a solid, and consensual foundation of trust and are trying the bring the artists forward in this way.


The association organises different events in the range of urban art, exhibitions, live paintings, workshops. Pop-up galleries and many more.

Next Event

We currently have the next event details only on the german site. here

Past Events

Urban Art Festival Basel

UAFB.FlagWaversFrom 28. Oktober till 5. November 2017 was the Urban Art Festival Basel in the Messe Basel. A big event, able to show a lot of the not-as-well known art, and gave opportunity for a different kind of visitors to bring this to their eyes.

You can get a taste from our Event-Webseite

Video of the Event: Vimeo
Fotos of the Event: Gallery

Urban Heart Basel 2017

International Urban Art Event


Kris Markiewicz CH http://www.rollingartist.com/
Kram ES, www.kram.es
Seifrei CH @seifrei_streetart
Sonic CH

Video: Vimeo
Photos: Gallery

Urban Heart Basel 2016

International Urban Art Event

Akira (ch) || Alias (de) || Boogie (de) || Bustart (ch) || Chromeo (ch) || Cranio (bra) || Crew (ch) || d. Zeltner (ch) || Dhm (nl) || e.Roth (ch) || elBocho (de) || Fafa (ch) || Hombre (de) || Irie (ch) || Jaune (be) || Jom (ch) || Kame (ch) || Kron (ch) || mr Cenz (uk) || Rays (ch) || Robi the Dog (ch) || Seifrei (ch) || Shez (ch) || Skatin (uk) || Sket185 (nl) || Soka (ch) || Tizer (uk) || Zackminimonster (ru) || Zaira (ch) || Zeism (ch)

Video: Youtube
Pics: Gallery

Fantasy Basel 2017

The Swiss Comic Con

Dave the Chimp at YMCA Hostel (Basel)

Live Art and Exhibition

Winter Exhibition


Urban Heart Basel 2015

International Urban Art Exhibition

Urban Basel

Videos: Youtube
Pics: Gallery

Spira Popstore

Popup Gallery

Fantasy Basel 2016

The Swiss Comic Con

JKF 2015

Jugend Kultur Festival Basel

Fantasy Basel 2015

The Swiss Comic Con

The Workshops

No matter if it’s a workshop at school, or in a youth association, an event, a team advanced training, a birthday party or a bachelor party, our workshop will always be customized.

Bowling and minigolf was yesterday! When you want to surprise your kids, your staff or your friends in a different way, then be up to date and book us for a graffiti or street art workshop!

We have years of experience with the matter und can show you some tricks of the scene.

After a short time, everyone will have an individual idea, which will be realised together. With the tips and tricks of the artists there is nothing in the way for your personal piece of art.

A workshop isn’t only about spray painting on a wall. Together we will create a colourful and productive event, the procedure will be like this:

After a historical intro over the origin of graffiti and street art, we will explain the materials like spray cans and caps. Now everyone can let his creativity flow. After that, we will explain the structure of letters and characters and show you the right technique that the colour stays on the wall, and give you the help you need to create you ideas.

Of course we can show you how to make and use stencils as well, and who knows maybe there is a new Banksy in your school, at work or in your association.

We’re bringing the workshop to you inclusive wooden walls, spray cans, protection wear and everything you need for a successful event.

Everyone can take his own canvas home after the event and show it to they loved.

If you are interested, you can contact us: info@urbanekunst.ch


Our goal is to organise as much surfaces as possible for artists and to design these creatively. The everyday grey will be added with colours and in this way it creates happiness and variation.

A whole neighbourhood is winning a new view on their living quarters and their habitat. Because this upgrading of the urban space gives joy to children and adults equally.

A neighbourhood is going to be a open air museum, which is available and can be experienced by everyone.

This museum will be frequented by habitants of other neighbourhoods and tourists, which bring new life and energy into your neighbourhood and throw a positive light on art in the public space.

Commission Works

The association works together with different artists from Switzerland, the region Basel and from abroad. We have the fitting artist for every commission, no matter if it’s a child’s room or a private exterior facade. For the surfaces which are given to us there is no limit in creativity, Vehicles, Boats, Bicycles, street chapters, sidewalks, personal items or private objects. Everything is possible.

Become a member

The objective of this association is to advance urban art, especially graffiti and street art. At the same time we are expanding our network of local and international artists. Using this system it is possible to organize murals, events and workshops in the region of Basel.

Members of the Association Urbane Kunst enjoy exclusive opportunities as creations of presales for exhibitions, regular newsletters, they take a place in our network of people who are on the same wavelength an get in touch with supporters of colorful works of urban art. With an annual contribution of 30 francs you are part of our association and you support a colorful and diverse city and region of Basel.

The association serves the stimulation and facilitation of urban art and tries to unite sharers of the same ideas. Through this association we get to live our passion for colors in a legal way. We aren’t pursuing a financial interest. The free and open atmosphere which is essential to advance urban art, leads people to unfold their creativityn.

“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.” -Banksy

Following the thought of Banksy you are given this framework in our association to exploit this idea and become active. Let's go ! info@urbanekunst.ch

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